About Kam Era Media's Wedding Coverage


You create the memories. I make them last.


Congratulations on your engagement! I'm thrilled that you’re considering k.a.m. era media for the production of your wedding film.

I began my journey as a wedding filmmaker during the planning of my own wedding when I started to complete my to-do list: Venue, check. Caterer, check. Photographer, check. Dress, check. Videographer... where did my wedding budget go?

Because of my history with photography and filmmaking, I stepped in to record the weddings for friends who also found this predicament, and was met with an outpouring of positive feedback and requests. I quickly realized that there was a need for affordable local wedding videography which would allow couples to remember not just the look of their wedding, but the feel of it as well.

I now create both highlight films, and full wedding films which tell the story of your day, because I'm passionate about your love story and want to record each genuine moment as it naturally unfolds. My films capture everything from the groom's expression as the bride walks down the aisle, to each beautifully written toast. It’s an honour to preserve your love story by creating a film that you’ll be able to re-watch for years to come.

I understand the importance of your special day, and I prioritize low-stress days that create beautiful memories.

Thank you for considering k.a.m. era media for your wedding video needs; I look forward to working with you.