Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

The day is almost here! 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire, as we want to be sure we have all the important details.

If anything comes to mind that's not included in the questionnaire please include it at the bottom or send us a message, the more info the better!


Important Items:


Natural Light

Natural light always looks best. Doing your morning preparations such as hair, makeup & getting dressed near a window gives a natural and organic look. If it is possible, please already have your makeup chair set up near a window.

Photoshoot / Videoshoot

Your photographer is likely going to be spending a lot of time with yourselves and your wedding party to capture the best photos. We often allow the photographer to take the lead at this time to allow them to be able to capture the best still image to remember your day. However, often at the end of the photos or at the end of each location, we will need to steal you away for a short 5-10 minutes to ensure we obtain some images in motion as well.


Capturing clear sound during the ceremony is vitally important to telling your story. We will usually be giving a small recording device to both the groom and the officiant. We may be recording any reception speeches via lapel microphone as well and it is helpful for you to let both the officiant and speakers know ahead of time.


Believe it or not guys, we really do want to get shots of you putting on your suit and tie. Please wait for our cameras to arrive before getting dressed up. These shots help us build anticipation in the film and show the detail and thought that has gone into getting ready for the big day.


We only use legally licensed music in our wedding videos. This allows you to be able to share your wedding video without copyright infringement claims and protects both our company and our couples from being the recipient of hefty fines.

Getting to know you
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Bride's Name
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Wedding Schedule
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Wedding Date
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Wedding Details
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Your Wedding Film
eg. first dance, vows, guest interviews
For example: Would you rather the guests and the party be the focus, or should this video be primarily designed as a love story of the couple? Or would you like a completely different focus?
If you had to choose an adjective to describe the wedding video, which would you choose? *